The Peugeot GTi have a legendary status and a community of fans worldwide. The GTi Project Remake demonstrated that Portugal is no exception to reckon with a high share of Peugeot Gti owners. The GTi Project Remake favors the participation of owners GTi in poor condition. This is because the winner will receive his GTi as new. The communications made ​​through the website, facebook, press releases, newsletters and banners gave priority to this message.


There are three types of participants. Those who have a GTi, those who know someone who has a GTi and those who want to drive a GTi. All they enabled him to win several awards. The success of the GTi Remake Project can be measured easily by the extended number of participations. 117 participants reported having a GTi, while 480 expressed a desire to drive a GTi.

Made @ Havas Worlwide Portugal
Pedro Gaspar - GTi Project

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GTi Project

The remake of a legend

Pedro Gaspar - GTi Project


In terms of design, we had to go back to the 80s, with high contrasts, diagonal lines, the smoke, the experimentalism of shapes and colors, bold typography, giving the impression of movement, in short, the total attraction by textures , surfaces, colors, and by the use of geometric elements.


As a concept, Peugeot 205 GTi was deconstructed, the important thing was not the car be in perfect condition, but rather the opposite. The most spoiled and the best life story car would be the big winner.

The Website

One page website with all the content, from how can you join this contest, the holdings and the story behind of the Peugeot GTi models

Pedro Gaspar - GTi Project
Pedro Gaspar - GTi Project
Pedro Gaspar - GTi Project


You can join in three different ways in GTi PROJECT – THE REMAKE.

If you have a GTi – You must have a version GTi models 205 , 106, 206 or 306, and send two pictures or more illustrating the current condition of your GTi , accompanied by an amusing story that happened between you and the car.

If you know a friend who has a GTi – Invite a friend or acquaintance who has a GTi to participate.

If you want to drive a GTi – The third and final form of participation is intended to those who do not have a Peugeot GTi but want to drive one. To qualify to drive a GTi over a weekend, and only have to answer a questionnaire and writing a unique phrase.

Each of the three forms of participation in the GTi PROJECT – THE REMAKE offers several prizes.

I have a GTi
I want to drive a GTi
I know a friend who has a GTi

Rebuilding the GTi

When the contest ended , you can see the whole process of rebuilding the new Peugeuot 205 GTi, in just 4 weeks

Pedro Gaspar - GTi Project

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